Oct 6, 2013

New freeware: CSV2HTML

I was mucking around tables in some widely known text processor and I thought it would be more convenient to have some data in a CSV file so that it could be later transformed into a nice table in HTML. I went ahead and wrote bare skeleton of csv2html in batch back in September, and later I thought I could share this with others. And here it is, simple free in-notepad-written script for converting CSV to HTML. What's not in anywhere, and what you may find useful: if you want to look up its command line parameters, you needn't execute it from the Command Prompt. It is enough to double-click csv2html.cmd to look up the parameters, as it will wait ten seconds before terminating (see the countdown timer in the window title as you started it).
Please read the file from_the_author.txt, which is inside the ZIP file.


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