SuppressDwmPerformancePrompts may fix WDM interrupting games as well as resource heavy applications with an annoying message about the Aero color scheme being changed or turned off.

The bottom line is game start time. This script disables Aero, starts game while a simultaneous Command Prompt's instance is counting down to turn Aero back on, thus (not necessarily) preventing WDM from showing the interrupting message. The reason you may want Aero turned back on is because game recorders such as Fraps require Aero to be running in order to record both your desktop as well as your gameplay if, say, you are doing a video tutorial that needs to include both simultaneously. This script's main purpose though is to prevent WDM from disrupting your gameplay with messages like the ones pictured below.



I look forward to hearing from you if it works or not, since these scripts are kind of soft work-around of the problem (that is, Windows binaries are not modified). If you need an update, I can make one. Development of these scripts will continue as someone gives me feedback on it. I am not a gamer myself, neither can I test it decently.

Update May 26th, 2015: Please see SuppressDwmPerformancePrompts64

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