Nov 7, 2011

A boomerang problem: OS stalls and how to help prevent them

It is pretty annoying when you have dozens of windows and documents opened, and OS suddenly freezes. I had only one solution: reset the laptop. I knew my hardware was not the cause, so I began to look for software addressing this problem. I have made small research around OS stalls and have found sparingly advertised application called Process Lasso. An article written about problem it addresses was convincing, anyway of that I am distrustful in matter of wonderful healing optimizers. Process Lasso, process priority optimizer is available in both free and paid versions. I was really surprised when I saw how little disk space it occupies (as living in times of monstrously capacious storage devices most programmers do not care about space), and when I saw it using little more RAM. I have tried free version. After week of testing, I almost forgot about it. Reason? No stalls, CPU-hungry-being tendency of processes has gone. That was free option, coping with situations with which Windows CPU scheduler could not deal with. Great value as for free software.

I got a give-away license, allowing for unlimited paid version usage, limited only in matter of product updates. Paid version offers much more functions, but those are not that important for normal users. I am one of those "abnormal", wanting to have yet more control. I felt overwhelmed by numerous process control possibilities. These include (may not be all!): conditional CPU affinity/process (I/O) priority/both changes, default priorities/affinities/power plans, disallowed processes, gaming mode triggers, power plan switcher, no-sleep processes, foreground/thread boosting, multimedia mode triggers, instance limiting, conditional process restart/termination, keep-running process list and much more. I admit, I do not use all of them - ProBalance does its work so great that I do not have to make any adjustments. I love power plan switcher (Energy Saver), which allows me to set my computer to have energy-saving power plan turned on when I am away from my laptop. It was advertised most users need not to change anything - author did not lie.

All in all, Process Lasso is the most valuable program I ever used. This application is the best way to take control over galloping processes, thus helping OS to survive high CPU loads. Pro version comes in lowest price possible, to keep business prospering, so it is worth supporting the author, as you will feel the money were well-spent. I do not bear consequences of OS stalls anymore since I installed Process Lasso.

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